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Trinidad La Trova LCDH Review. A cigar that you will always remember.

Trinidad La Trova LCDH Cigar

The Trinidad La Trova is a very big cigar. That’s one of the very first thoughts you will have. The wrapper will also be something that won’t go unspotted. There are no imperfections and its appealing brown colour will captivate you right away.

Its size (52 Ring Gauge x 166mm) will give you an hour/hour an a half smoke. This smoking time is perfect for after lunch/dinner. This cigar will need not just one drink, but a few of them so make sure you have nothing important to do afterwards.

All you need to know about Trinidad La Trova

1.) Choose the right time

It is important to choose the perfect moment for it. It is a big cigar that requires time. Choose a comfortable and warm place. Being in the perfect environment is something you will be grateful for. Believe us.

2.) Don’t Cut It. TWIST IT

You must not use any type of cigar cutter. As a “pigtail” cigar, you just need to grab the pigtail and softly twist it until it comes off. One of the best things about La Trova is its excellent draw.

3.) Light it properly

When lighting it up, take your time. Make sure you light it regularly. Avoiding irregular burns is very important when smoking big cigars. Otherwise the cigar will go off and the ash will fall easily and unexpectedly.

4.) Mind its strength

The Trinidad La Trova, is a Medium-Full cigar. This is quite important if we take into account that it is a long smoke. If you are new to cigars you will be able to enjoy it, but make sure you follow our next point.

5.) Pair it accordingly

Pair it nicely. If you are an expert cigar aficionado you may want to pair it with a strong whiskey or bourbon. In the other hand if you are experimenting with “fuller” cigars, you may want something to calm that strength like champagne, beer, or spirits. It’s a long smoke, you could probably do both.

6.) Feel it appropriately

Pay attention to its development. Like any other cigar, the Trinidad La Trova changes and develops throughout its thirds. Take your time to enjoy it and actually think about how it feels after each puff. Only after doing that you will acquire experience and consciousness about your preferences.

7.) Share your experience

Take pictures. Smoking a Trinidad La Trova doesn’t happen everyday. Immortalise it and share it with everybody. Tag Montefortuna Cigars and post your experience in the comments below!

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