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Piramides Selection


Cohiba Siglo IV


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2 Boxes of Piramides Selection (6×2)


Cohiba Cigars – Buy Cohiba Online

Cohiba History

Cohiba is the most famous Cuban Cigar Brand in the world. But why? Probably because it was the word used by the “Tainos” for the tobacco they smoked.

When Columbus and his crew arrived to Cuba back in 1492, they noticed the “Tainos” where inhaling smoke from these Cohibas or rolled leaves. They didn’t know what an amazing discovery that was.

But it wasn’t until 1966, when the official cuban cigar brand was created. Cohiba cigars were initially produced as gifts for politicians and friends of Castro’s government. Probably, its fame came due to the limited amount of cigars produced and the difficulty to acquire one of them.

Together with Montecristo, Cohiba Cigars are well known worldwide, even for non-smokers. The Cohiba Band is one of the most complex cigar bands, including holograms and hard to fake elements due to the high amount of fake Cohiba circulating in the black market.

The selection of Cohiba Cigars available at Montefortuna Cigars is one of the best ones available online. Among this selection you will find the best cuban cigar produced to date: The Cohiba Behike.

Montefortuna Cohiba Cigars:

  1. Piramides Extra
  2. Robustos
  3. Maduro Secretos
  4. Maduro Magicos
  5. Maduro Genios
  6. Medio Siglo
  7. Talisman Limited Edition 2017
  8. Behike BHK 52