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Trinidad Cigars History

Trinidad Cigars are, without any doubts, one of the most premium cuban cigar brands.

Like the Cohiba Cigars, Trinidad cigars were created and produced to satisfy Castro’s close circle as well as for diplomatic gifts. It is a brand that has been immaculately handled and manufactured. It was not a cigar for everyone, but for very limited and special people.

Whenever you open a box of Trinidad, the first that comes to your mind is: “Wow, the wrappers are just perfect”. 

Its prestige is similar to the Cohiba cigars, but Trinidad has always been a little unknown for many  cigar smokers.

Trinidad Characteristics

There is a common characteristic among the Trinidad cuban cigars. The twisted head called “Cigar Pigtail”. The Pigtail is very easy to remove which makes it very comfortable to remove and light.

Trinidad Cigars available at Montefortuna Cigars

  1.  La Trova LCDH Edition
  2. 2.) Vigia