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In this series of Where to Smoke? by Montefortuna cigars, we travel across the Atlantic to New York! The city that never sleeps has an immense offering of cigar lounges and bars. It has been very complicated to chose only three. Here are our picks of three of the best cigar lounges where to smoke cigars in New York.

Seating section at the Carnegie Club

The Carnegie Club

Located in Andrew Carnegie’s closet, this cigar lounge and bar will make you travel back in time! With an early 20’s vibe you will be able to enjoy a cigar paired with a rare single malt whisky. The club also offers live music shows, including the very popular Sinatra Saturday. Make sure to book in advance as spots sell out fast! The perfect place to smoke a cigar, have a drink and enjoy some live music. What more can you ask for?

Cigar Lounge at Davidoff

Davidoff of Geneva in Madison Avenue

A classic for many premium cigar smokers is the Davidoff franchise. Providing anything from fine cigars to top quality accessories. In New York you may find their most famous location in Madison Avenue. This store has been operating for over 25 years. Apart from a stunning walk in humidor and a vast array of accessories, it also boasts two cigar lounges. The Davidoff cigar lounge is the perfect way to sample a cigar while taking a moment to relax from all the hustle and bustle of the big city. There is also a more exclusive VIP lounge for their very best clients. So if you are in New York why don’t you take a minute to smoke a Davidoff cigar in Madison Avenue?

Interior of the Grand Havana Room Club

Grand Havana Room Club

The Grand Havana club room, is a private club, dedicated to the pleasures of smoking a fine cigar. You may only enter if you are a member or know a member of the club. With various places where to smoke and dine it is definitely the cigar smokers’ heaven. It also has a large humidor with lockers where members may keep their cigars stored in perfect conditions. Definitely the kind of club we at Montefortuna would like to be part of!

I hope you have enjoyed this list, there are obviously many more amazing cigar lounges and bars in New York but we could not fit them all in! If you are not lucky enough to live in New York, remember you may always buy your Cuban Cigars directly to your doorstep with guaranteed delivery with us at Montefortuna cigars!

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