With Cuban cigars, there is a sentiment that they are expensive products. Many people seem to perceive Cuban cigars as being something only the rich and powerful can enjoy. This is quite obviously not true and if you go through the list of our products, you’ll notice that there are plenty of affordable Cuban cigars. This article will discuss two brands that produce some of the best budget Cuban cigars that you can buy.

The two brands that we’re going to be discussing are Vegueros and Por Larranaga. These are both brands from Cuba and managed by Habanos S.A. The key reason why these two brands are potentially the best budget options is that their cigars are premium long-filler cigars.

There are several other Cuban brands like Jose L. Piedra and Quintero. Cigars from these brands are popular, however, they’re not premium Cuban cigars and for this reason, we won’t be including them in this discussion.

Vegueros Cuban Cigars

2 Boxes of 16 Vegueros Mananitas

Vegueros is one of the lesser-known brands out of Cuba. However, what it lacks in popularity it makes up for with quality. All of the cigars it produces are long-filler premium cigars. The great thing about this brand is that despite the cigars being of a higher quality when compared to many other budget options, it doesn’t come with a premium price tag.

Cigars such as the Vegueros Entretiempos and the Centrofinos are relatively heavy ring gauge cigars, but with extremely reasonable prices. They’re probably some of the least expensive long-filler cigars currently on the market. The flavor profiles of these cigars tend to focus around woody, spicy, and coffee notes along with some fruity flavors. The Vegueros Mannanitas is probably the best from the brand when it comes to having a complex and enjoyable flavor profile.

Por Larrañaga

Por Larranaga Logo

Por Larrañaga is another lesser-known Cuban cigar brand. This particular brand isn’t particularly a budget brand, however, it offers a cigar that is extremely well pried. The Por Larrañaga Montecarlo cigar is probably one of the best value for money cigars that you can buy. With its beautiful presentation and stunning gold band, this cigar not only stands out in the store but also looks great in a humidor.

Aside from the aesthetics, the cigar tastes incredible too. The flavor profile of this cigar seems to impress everyone that tries it for the first time. The light body of the cigar makes it accessible to almost any cigar smoker and the beautiful aroma and flavors make it a fantastic option.

The cigar is quite long at 6 1/4 inches in length, although it has a petit ring gauge of 33. This vitola is relatively rare and currently, the Montecarlo is the only one of its kind.

There are of course other cigars from the brand, however, none of them offer the same kind of value for money. It’s for this reason that the Por Larrañaga Montecarlo is one of the best value for money Cuban cigars that you can buy.

Final Thoughts

Although there are plenty of inexpensive Cuban cigars available, the two brands discussed above are the ones that really stand out. Both brands produce cigars that taste incredible and come with extremely reasonable price points. The vitolas of the cigars from these brands are also somewhat unique and this sets them apart from many other budget options from Cuba.

All in all, if you want to purchase high-quality Cuban cigars without the price tag, Vegueros cigars and Por Larrañaga cigars are probably the ones you should try.

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