Montecristo Double Edmundo Tauromaquia

The Best and Rarest Limited Editions Released Last Year

This is our Top 5 Releases from the last year.

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Every year, many exclusive and limited editions are released worldwide. These exclusive releases are related to anniversaries, vintage editions, special packaging, personalities etc.

The increasing demand of these products has become a trend, and year after year we see these new editions coming out.

What are the main characteristics behind these releases?

1. Product Quality

First of all the product. If the regular quality standards from Habanos are high, imagine how high they are here. Only the finest cigars are selected for these rare and limited releases.

Beyond the cigar appearance, vintage cigars are selected for these editions. Of course a nice and well preserved wrapper counts, but the age and quality of the filler counts even more. It’s like a Cohiba Behike box, when you open it, you don’t expect cracks.

2. Perfect Packaging

This is something you notice at first sight. Undoubtedly, the finest humidors and boxes you will ever see. The packaging is so good, that people often acquire these items for the box.

Some of them even include humidification devices that keep your cigars in perfect conditions for a long period of time. Among packaging formats you can find jars, dress boxes, cabinets and big humidors. An example is the Montecristo Petit Edmundo Humidor

3. The Motive

These editions are not released without a motive. As we explained at the beginning of this post, you will find many different motives. Find some below:

  • Anniversaries: One of the most common reasons is an anniversary or a commemorative year. For example the Montecristo Open Master Decimo Aniversario. An immaculate dress box that includes 15 Montecristo Open Master specially selected with at least 5 years of aging.
  • Chinese New Year: Another example is the Cohiba 8+8 Year of the Pig editions which commemorates the Chinese New Year. It is a yearly limited edition that has become very popular. Only a couple of thousand boxes produced.
  • Craftsmanship Editions: The H. Upmann Magnum 50 Sevilla Jar is a clear example of this edition. Normally how it works is as follows: The use a great cigar (For example, the Limited Edition from 2005, the H.Upmann Magnum 50) they age it and then they pack them in this spanish hand made jars. Not only one reason to collect these items, but two!
H Upmann Magnum 50 Sevilla Jar

10 Montecristo Double Edmundo Vintage (5 years of ageing) that come in one of the most beautiful dress boxes we have ever had.

Montecristo Double Edmundo Tauromaquia
Montecristo Double Edmundo Tauromaquia

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