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    2 Boxes of 12 Davidoff Escurio Gran Perfecto


    2 Boxes of 12 Davidoff Escurio Gran Perfecto (Box 12)

    • Ring Gauge: 50
    • Length: 137mm
    • Strength: Medium – Full

    In stock

    Brands: Davidoff
    SKU: DV-ESCGP24-08/23DO
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    Davidoff Escurio Gran Perfecto (12): Unleash the Exotic Flair

    Get Ready to Embark on a flavor adventure with the Davidoff Escurio Gran Perfecto – a cigar that introduces your taste buds to a world of exotic indulgence. Prepare to immerse yourself in a tropical symphony of taste that’s simply extraordinary.


    Wrapped in luxurious allure, the Davidoff Escurio Gran Perfecto is like a passport to palate paradise. Each puff transports you to layers of rich flavor that’s perfect for those who seek sophistication with a twist.


    The carefully curated blend within these cigars creates an explosion of exotic notes that evolve gracefully. From the initial ignition to the satisfying finish, the Davidoff Escurio Gran Perfecto  invites you to a taste journey beyond the ordinary.


    Embrace the Exotic with the Davidoff Escurio Gran Perfecto – a choice that beckons those who desire flavor innovation and finesse in every draw. Its captivating character ensures a cigar experience that’s a tropical escape for your senses.


    Let the exotic notes and tropical vibes transport you to a realm of unforgettable excitement. Whether you’re indulging in a moment of paradise or adding flair to your day, the Davidoff Escurio Gran Perfecto is your companion of taste.


    Davidoff Escurio Gran Perfecto offers a tropical escape in a cigar. Embrace the exotic journey it offers and let its unique charm take you on a flavorful ride that’s as extraordinary as it is satisfying.

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