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Every cigar smoker likes to have their own humidor, collect their sticks and keep them in perfect conditions, so they will age nicely. But specially for beginners it gets tricky when you get a new humidor and you do not know what to do with it. Here is a guide to how to season your humidor correctly.

What is Seasoning?

First of all let’s start by the basics, what is seasoning? Seasoning is basically ensuring the cedar wood inside the humidor is going to properly maintain the humidity throughout its lifespan.


By seasoning your humidor you make sure that your humidor reaches the desired relative humidity level and that it is ready for you to put your cigars in, without running the risk of humidity dropping. At Montefortuna we recommend to keep your Cuban cigars at a humidity of around 67% to 72% RH.

Step 1

By using distilled water wipe down the interior of your humidor including the trays and drawers. Please note you should wipe down the wood with a dampened cloth and not a wet cloth, as the cedar wood should be humidified but not totally wet. If you wet the cedar wood too much you run the risk of the cedar getting damaged or cracking.

Step 2

Once you have dampened the wood inside the humidor add your humidification device such as a Boveda pack for example, as well as a secondary humidification device. This can be a glass of water or a wet sponge. The idea is for the secondary humidification device help bring the humidity up and not overwork your main humidification device.

Step 3

Just close the lid of the humidor and wait until the hygrometer reads 67%-82% humidity, depending on your preference.

Note this process is not fast and can take up to several days until the desired humidity is reached. So don’t be impatient, the reward of having perfectly humidified cigars will be worth it!

Step 4

Finally remove the secondary humidification device (the glass of water or wet sponge), and put your cigars in your humidor!

La Casa del Habano walk-in humidor

Now that you have your humidor all ready to go, you just need some cigars, you can find the best Cuban cigars at the best prices on our sales page.

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