H Upmann Magnum 50 Serie Sevilla

The third release of the Sevilla Series. Limited to 2000 ceramic Jars containing 21 Magnum 50 cigars from H Upmann

The Magnum 50 cigar was released in 2005 as H Upmann’s Limited Edition, and added to the regular production in 2008. With a length of 160mm and a ring gauge of 50, this Double Robusto cigar had a great reception amongst the aficionados.

Resultado de imagen de h upmann factory
H Upmman Factory in Habana

As one of the oldest Cuban Cigar brands, H. Upmann as an institution on it’s own. Founded in 1844 by the german by the German banker Hermann Dietrich Upmann when he traveled to Cuba to solve company matters. Once there he saw an opportunity and bought a local cigar factory in San Miguel street, Habana. After his death, his family carried his legacy until the post World War I crisis led the H Upmann brand to the brink of bankruptcy. At this point the company was bought in auctions by it’s main distributor in England, and changed hands until its expropiation in the Cuban Revolution.

The Serie Sevilla

Serie Sevilla is a collection exclusive to the spanish market. The first Serie Sevilla Jars produced were at the end off the XX century, for the brands Ramon Allones and Partagás. It always consists of cuban cigars inside Jars produced in the Cartuja de Sevilla, using their characterstic tiles.

Throughout the current century, there have been three Serie Sevilla Limited Editions, each one with 2,000 units. The first contained 27 Montecristo No3, and was launched in 2016. These medium to full body cigars have a Corona vitola (142mm in length and 42 in gauge), and the full characteristic Montecristo taste.

Montecristo No3 Serie Sevilla 2016

A year later it was the turn of Hoyo de Monterrey, with the popular Epicure Especial, presented as 2009’s Hoyo de Monterrey Limited editions. With a Gordito vitola (141 mm in length and 50 in gauge), in this case there are 21 cigars contained in in the Jar, all of them with 5 or more years of aging.

Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure especial Serie Sevilla 2017

The 2018 Serie Sevilla Edition

This year it was H Upmann’s turn to have their very own Serie Sevilla Jar to present. In it, the H Upmman has included 21 Magnum 50 Cigars. Although quite recent (they were included into regular production 10 years ago approximately) they have become one of H Upmann’s most known cigars, even though they have a relavitely large size.

As with other Editions of this Serie, the quality and delicacy of the Jar is surprising, with a great level of detail and care put into it. It is as if transported to the Spanish traditional craftmanship of a previous era, were great attention was put into detail, and the motif, specially towards the bottom of the Jar, is highly developped.

Of course, it helps that the logo of H Upmman has it’s own presence,


The Torreon Cigar wrapper is very unique. We haven’t seen very often such a shiny and appealing wrapper. It almost looks like chocolate or something you could eat. It’s pretty dark so it anticipates the strength of the smoke. It is a big cigar (54 Ring gauge x 150mm long) which will give you around an hour/hour and a half.


Flavour wise, it is a medium-full cigar. At the start is quite spicy (It reminded me to the Trinidad La Trova), then it keeps the strength but the spicy notes decrease. The amount of smoke is outstanding. I really like that. It is a good sign and it means that the draw is good.


I won’t be picky on this section. Just pair it with whatever makes you happy. You are smoking a San Cristobal de la Habana Torreon, so make sure you drink something that makes even more happy!

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