Beginners in the cigar industry may find it difficult to figure out what cigar to pick and smoke. The sheer number of options, sizes, types, and kinds can be overwhelming. This is why in this article, we will be looking at some of the things you should consider when picking out a cigar to enjoy.

For the sake of simplicity, there are only three things that need to be considered when picking a cigar to smoke. The first is the time you have available. The second is the strength of the cigar you wish to enjoy and the third is your budget. There are other factors to consider too, however, they could be described as more subjective, ever-changing factors.

Cigar Sizes and Time Taken to Smoke

This may seem obvious, however, you’d be surprised at how frequently beginners will overlook this factor. The time you have available to enjoy a cigar is probably the most important deciding factor. There’s no use in purchasing huge cigars if you only have 15 minutes available in a day to enjoy them. In the same way, if you want to spend a whole evening enjoying a cigar, then having appropriately sized cigars or a selection of cigars will help.

Many beginners may assume that if they purchase a large cigar that they cannot finish in an allotted amount of time, they can simply put it out and smoke it on another occasion. This is not only highly frowned upon but a terrible idea. A lit cigar must be finished otherwise it will go to waste.

Relighting a previously enjoyed cigar will more than likely taste acrid with all of the nuance and enjoyment drained from it. Letting a cigar go out for a long period of time seems to destroy the flavor profile, to a point where it’s irredeemable. For this reason, it’s a good idea to always finish cigars that you start; unless of course, it can’t be helped.

Essentially, pick the kind of cigar you have the time to enjoy.

Cigar Strength

The strength of a cigar is an important aspect to consider before making a purchase. If you’re just starting out with cigars, it may not be a good idea to try and smoke the strongest cigar possible. Remember, cigars are not supposed to be statements of how much you can tolerate. Instead, cigars are a luxury to be enjoyed and savored.

If you’re not going to enjoy a really strong cigar then it’s probably a better idea to try something milder or even a light body cigar. If you’re looking at Cuban cigars, the brands to consider when starting out are Hoyo de Monterrey, Quai D’Orsay, and Romeo y Julieta. These cigars lean more towards the milder side of the spectrum and are easier to manage.

Of course, once you build up your tolerance and feel a little more adventurous, there’s no reason not to try any other cigar that’s available.

There are certain things you can do to manage the strength of a cigar too. For instance, it’s almost always a good idea to smoke cigars after a good meal. Smoking cigars while hungry is likely to cause you to feel sick. Once again, cigars are meant to be enjoyed, there’s no point in smoking a cigar if it’s going to make you feel sick.

Another thing you can do to manage the strength is to have something paired along with the cigar. Many aficionados will smoke cigars with a drink and if a cigar is especially strong, a sweet and sugary beverage will help.

Admittedly, pairing with cigars is a more complex subject and not within the scope of this article. However, the point is that smoking on an empty stomach or without some kind of beverage might not be a good idea.

Your Cigar Budget

This is probably obvious, however, as a matter of responsibility it needs to be stated. It’s important to ensure that you enjoy cigars that are within your budget. There’s nothing saying that you can’t save up to enjoy those extra special and super pricey cigars if that’s what you want to do. However, there’s no reason to put yourself in a compromising situation over some cigars.

With social media and manufacturers constantly trying to outdo one another, you may get sucked into keeping up with the Joneses. This honestly doesn’t help anyone and won’t improve your ability to enjoy cigars. The best thing about the cigar industry is the sheer number of incredible options available. there are great cigars available at almost every price point.

Smoke the cigars you can comfortably afford. Once again, cigars are meant to be enjoyed and if they are having a detrimental impact on your life, then do something else.

Final Thoughts

This article covers a few points for beginners to consider when picking a cigar. In future articles, we will be covering more aspects to help beginners enter and enjoy this fine industry. In the meantime, check out our wide selection of Cuban cigars and New World cigars.

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