Cigars need to be managed and stored correctly in order to get the best out of them. Storing cigars at optimal temperatures and humidity prevents any issues. However, if you’re traveling somewhere and want to enjoy cigars at your destination, it’s probably a good idea to carry them in something that will protect them. In this article, we will be discussing some of the ways you can carry your cigars when you’re out and about.

Cigar Tubes

Cigar tubes are some of the cheapest and most straightforward things you can carry your cigars in. Generally, they’re made of plastic and can be airtight too. The airtight feature ensures that the humidity of the cigar remains relatively consistent. This is important because you don’t want your cigars drying out.

Another great thing about a cigar tube is that it will offer a good degree of protection. Impact damage will be reduced significantly when storing your cigars in a tube. It’s important to prevent any damage to your cigars otherwise it can cause problems when you eventually come to smoking them.

The main downside is that cigar tubes are not the most attractive containers for your cigars. Although they’ll get the job done, they’re entirely practical without any aesthetic value.

Cigar Pouches

Cigar pouches are generally produced with high-quality leather. The VSB pouch for instance is made almost entirely of top grain leather. And this offers a smart and comfortable way to carry your cigars. Generally speaking, most pouches will have a capacity for three cigars. For some aficionados more capacity would be better, however, that would also increase the overall size of the pouch too.

Speaking of the size, a cigar pouch is great because although they can carry more than a tube, they’re reasonably sized. Slipping a cigar pouch into your suit jacket shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Even if you’re carrying it in your hand it’s not going to be a cumbersome thing to have with you.

The major downside to a cigar pouch is that they don’t normally offer any humidity solutions. Essentially cigars placed into a cigar pouch will be at risk of humidity changes depending on the environment you’re in. For this reason, cigar pouches are only really to be used to store cigars for the day. Storing cigars in a pouch for a long period can impact the humidity. For this reason, they’re a short-term solution at best.

Cigar Cases

Javier Salgado Leather Cigar Cases

A cigar case is probably the most premium and functionally capable option. This means that they’re also the most expensive option on this list. Cigar cases such as the J. Salgado Leather Cigar Case are produced with high-quality materials. They’re also designed to carry a great number of cigars along with some accessories.

Many aficionados prefer to carry cigar cutters, lighters, and stands along with their cigars. A pouch and a tube aren’t going to hold those accessories for you. This is why a case is one of the best options overall.

The two major downsides of a cigar case are that they’re expensive and large. Hand holding your cigar case might not be an option everywhere you go and there aren’t any standard pockets that could hold one. This is why it does depend on where you’re headed and how heavy you’d like to travel. Aside from that, there’s nothing more practical than a good cigar case.

Cigar tubes and pouches are great in some instances, however, if you wish to carry your cigars in something eye-catching and practical, a cigar case is the only option.

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