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    Sancho Panza OMHPOΣ (Omiros) (Ex. Chipre – Grecia 2020)

    Sancho Panza OMHPOΣ (Omiros) (Ex. Chipre – Grecia 2020)

    • Ring Gauge: 54
    • Length: 120
    • Strength: Medium to Full

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    Brands: Sancho Panza
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    Sancho Panza OMHPOΣ (Omiros)

    Experience the Essence of Cyprus Greece with Sancho Panza OMHPOΣ (Omiros) Cigar. Crafted with care and expertise, this cigar is a testament to the rich tobacco heritage of the region.

    Sancho Panza OMHPOΣ comes in a robust size, allowing for a leisurely smoking experience. With an average smoke duration of around 90 minutes, it offers ample time to savor its intricate flavors.

    From the first draw, you’ll be greeted by notes of earthy richness that transport you to the sun-soaked Mediterranean landscapes. The undertones of citrus add a zesty twist, perfectly complementing the overall profile.

    The slow burn reveals layers of wood and spice, intertwining harmoniously to create a symphony of flavors. This cigar is a true embodiment of the region’s terroir, delivering a satisfying complexity that evolves with each puff.

    Whether you’re an aficionado or a newcomer to the world of cigars, the Sancho Panza OMHPOΣ offers an unforgettable sensory journey. The even draw and consistent construction ensures a smooth smoking experience from start to finish.

    Indulge in the culmination of craftsmanship as you enjoy the Sancho Panza OMHPOΣ cigar. Its enticing aroma and distinctive character make it a remarkable choice for moments of relaxation and reflection.

    Sancho Panza OMHPOΣ (Omiros) cigar captivates not only with its flavor but also with its cultural significance. It’s a celebration of Cyprus-Greece’s tobacco heritage, skillfully embodied in a single cigar.


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    Ring Gauge


    Length (mm)





    Box 10, Single


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