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    Davidoff Yamasa Petit Churchill (14)


    Davidoff Yamasa Petit Churchill (14)

    • Ring Gauge: 48
    • Length: 102mm
    • Strength: Medium
    Brands: Davidoff
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    Davidoff Yamasa Petit Churchill (14): Unleash Flavor Delight

    Dive into Richness with the Davidoff Yamasa Petit Churchill a cigar that promises a burst of flavor in every draw. Get ready for an adventure into a world of taste that’s truly captivating.


    In a set of 14, the Davidoff Yamasa Petit Churchill encapsulates the spirit of bold taste and refinement. Each puff reveals layers of intricate flavor that cater to enthusiasts seeking an elevated experience.


    The carefully curated blend within this cigar creates a spectrum of flavors that evolves elegantly. From the initial light to the satisfying finish, the Davidoff Yamasa Petit Churchill guides you on a cigar journey of delight.


    Embrace the Experience with the Davidoff Yamasa Petit Churchill– a choice that invites those who seek flavorful encounters in every puff. Its captivating character ensures a cigar experience that’s truly exceptional.


    Let the rich notes and delicate undertones transport you to a realm of taste sensations. Whether you’re celebrating life’s little joys or indulging in a moment of relaxation, the Davidoff Yamasa Petit Churchill is your perfect companion.


    Davidoff Yamasa Petit Churchill offers a flavorful cigar journey. Savor the richness and let its distinct charm guide you through a taste adventure that’s as remarkable as it is enjoyable.

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    Additional information

    Ring Gauge


    Length (mm)





    Box 14, Box 4


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