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    (44 customer reviews)

    Cohiba Panetelas


    Box of 25 Cohiba Panetelas

    • Ring Gauge: 26
    • Length: 115mm
    • Strength: Medium – Full
    Brands: Cohiba
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    Cohiba Panetelas

    The Cohiba Panetelas  is one of the most appreciated cigars from the regular production of Cohiba


    The Cohiba Panetelas is cigar factory format Laguito No.3. It is a 26 ring gauge x 115mm long and the strength is Medium to Strong. It is characterised by red in color between natural and mature wrapper, manufactured totally by hand.


    The Cohiba Panetelas has a very characteristic flavor slightly spicy, somewhat earthy and with a softly lingering background of sweetness; good draw. It is one of the smallest cigars made entirely by hand, the aroma is medium tobacco, with light sweet, woody notes and hints of leather, the ash is medium gray in color.


    One of the lighter cigars, but which carries with it the Cohiba blend with very soft, spicy notes and highly recommended as an aperitif as it does not affect the palate excessively  and it will perfectly pair with coffee, a cup of tea or rum.





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    Additional information

    Length (mm)




    Ring Gauge



    Box 25, Fiver

    44 reviews for Cohiba Panetelas

    1. Jason (verified owner)

      Typical great Cohiba taste in a smaller version. Good quick smoke, but based on it’s shape I’d recommend using a straight cut only because of the tighter draw.

    2. Gilberto

      Great one, as all the Cohibas cigars, just in a smaller version

    3. jcarpen798 (verified owner)

      Well packed shipping. Great cohiba taste in a 30 minute smoke. Will order again.

    4. vdstaylor

      The cigar first I smoked out of 5 was severely plugged! Had great flavor but was impossible to draw, like trying to suck oatmeal thru a straw. Burnt well what I smoked of it flavors were typical Cuban light cigar….. the plug on a cohiba is a construction is! Humidity was spot on at 65 percent by hygrometer in humi and the cigar moister tester
      This is no fault of Montefortuna cigars but reflects poorly on cohiba for sure!!!

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