Montefortuna Cigars Brand Ambassadors

Dominic Bergamin


“The modern and innovative way Montefortuna Cigars is handling their online business and their superior level of customer support, made it a pleasure for me to collaborate with them as a Brand Ambassador. I love the fact that I can order my cigars fast and easily through their website, and also be assured that they can send my favourite Cuban cigars no matter where I am in the world.”

Dominic Bergamin.

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Montefortuna Brand Ambassadors
Dubai Cigar Aficionados Montefortuna Brand Ambassador

Tarek Gemayel (The 2020 Habanos World Champion)


“It is with great pleasure to be partnering with Montefortuna Cigars as their Brand Ambassador. The digital age has transformed the way cigar shopping is done and Montefortuna has brought forward a wonderful platform from which all cigar aficionados can benefit from and purchase the best and latest releases of Habanos. The wonderful selection available to chose from is complemented with a tremendous service. The pre-sales support available through the various platforms provides a shopping experience like no other. The shipping service is hassle free, super quick and you can rest assured that the cigars are handled with care.”

Tarek E. G.

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The Cigar Smoker Montefortuna Cigars

The Cigar Smoker


Montefortuna Cigars is for everyone. Our service is meant to cater beginners and expert cigar aficionados. It is meant to be used from home, from your phone, tablet or any device you want. 

“I have been smoking and collecting Cuban cigars for the last 15 years and I have seen already everything when purchasing them. That’s why I always searched and selected cigars by my own. I was looking for a reliable website to purchase cigars online. From the chair at home or when abroad from the phone or tablet without worrying about the quality of cigars nor shipping problems. All that I found at Montefortuna cigars. A fast growing online cigar shop which offers a huge selection of Cuban cigars, fast delivery and excellent service for a competitive price.”

Robert Rudl.

“Montefortuna Cigars is all about details. We aim for excellence in every single process of our service. Our brand ambassadors share that belief and they stand for it in the cuban cigar world.”


Partagas Serie D No.4


Montecristo No.4


Montecristo No.5


Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.3


Partagás Serie P No.2


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