Ramon Allones Nº2 Limited Edition 2019

The new releases of the Limitadas by Habanos always create loads of expectation. This year the three releases where the Montecristo Supremos EL 2019, Quai D’Orsay Senadores EL 2019 and the Ramon Allones Nº2 EL 2019. The Ramon Allones release created high expectations, specially due to the fact that it introduced one of the most loved vitolas, the figurado.

Ramon Allones Nº2 EL 2019

The Ramon Allones Nº2 Vitola

The Ramon Allones Nº2 is presented in a belicoso format measuring 5 and 1/2 inches and with a 52 ring gauge. The vitola de galera for this cigar is the Campana. A dream for any lover of the Ramon Allones casa.


The presentation of all 3 limitadas this year is stunning. They are all themed with the colors and logos of the brand and they are exclusive boxes. The Ramon Allones Nº2 box reminds us of something military, due to the shape and color and we could not like it more! It will be presented in boxes of 10 units.

As always with the Habanos limitadas, it will still be a few months to even a year before all three limitadas reach the market, so meanwhile why don’t you browse our selection of Ramon Allones cigars available at Montefortuna cigars!

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