Cuban cigars are known for being some of the best in the world. The most popular brands from Cuba such as Cohiba and Montecristo are consistently praised and highly rated by many in the industry. In more recent years, however, Habanos has been exploring some of its more lesser-known brands. Por Larrañaga is one of those lesser-known brands and its latest cigar the Galanes is definitely one to consider.


Manufacturer: Habanos S.A.

Wrapper – Cuba
Binder – Cuba
Filler – Cuba

Ring Gauge: 52 (20.47mm)
Length: 4 3/4 Inch (120mm)
Strength: Medium Body

Cigar Type: Long filler, handmade.
Region: Vuelta Abajo and Semi Vuelta zones
Factory Name: Galanes

Cigar Construction

Cigar construction is an extremely important feature. A badly constructed cigar can lead to several problems, which diminish the overall experience. The Por Larrañaga Galanes was almost perfect in its construction. The wrapper leaf was beautiful with no visible flaws or discolored portions. The tight seams and glossy appearance added to the overall look and feel of the cigar.

The cigar was firmly packed and although the foot does look as though it may struggle to draw, the draw was pretty much perfect throughout.

In short, the Por Larrañaga Galanes was essentially perfect when it came to its construction.

First Third of The Cigar

The Por Larrañaga Galanes cigar started off extremely well. Although this cigar is quite young, there was none of that harshness many Cuban cigars seem to have during their first year.

Instead, the Por Larrañaga Galanes had a beautifully smooth peppery flavor accompanied with a sweet, salty finish. The smoke had a good degree of density to it producing an almost chewy-like texture. An almost meaty overall feel and the flavor was experienced in the first third. Suffice it to say, a fantastic start to a cigar.

Halfway Point of The Cigar

As we move past the halfway point of this cigar there are some noticeable transitions. The first is that the peppery flavor subsides and the salty notes become far more prominent. A sweet caramel flavor remains on the aftertaste and the firm woody, cedary flavor holds the profile together.

The construction remains fantastic in this cigar. The burn is practically perfect with no touch-ups required. The draw also continues with its slightly firm but extremely comfortable feel.

Final Third of The Cigar

The final of this section continues with its beautifully sweet and savory flavors. The construction is flawless too and the draw remains exceptionally good. The back and forth between the savory notes along with the sweet finish produces an excellent flavor profile. It’s remarkable how such a young Cuban cigar can taste so incredible. The only downside to this cigar is that it ended far too soon.


Final Rating – Highly recommended, boxes upon boxes.

The Por Larrañaga Galanes cigar is an exceptionally good cigar. Depsite its lack of age, this cigar presents a beautiful flavor profile along with flawless construction. If you enjoy sweet and savory notes in a cigar, then this is absolutely one that you should consider.

Given some age, this cigar should transition more smoothly like many other Cuban cigars. At the moment, the transitions are a little obvious similar to many new world cigars. However, that’s not at all a negative point. With some age, however, some of the salty and caramel notes may blend in more effectively producing a sweeter overall finish.

This cigar could definitely be regular smoke for people that want to enjoy something utterly brilliant, but without the premium price tag.

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