Cigars are one of those luxuries that seem to be misunderstood. Health organizations and governments consistently conflate cigar smoking with cigarettes and less respectable habits. Due to this, many of the regulations that have been hitting the cigar industry are quite obviously overreaching.

In a recent video from the guys at Cigar Rants, they discuss some of the unreasonable regulations and laws that have been passed recently. Although the title of the video may seem quite provocative, there’s a good reason for the question. For instance, places like New Zealand are already in talks about going completely smoke-free. Eradicating extremely harmful tobacco such as cigarettes makes sense due to the health impact it has on society.

This obviously translates into issues with healthcare and can start to siphon resources that could have been better used. Cigars, however, don’t have the same problem. The health issues are not the same and aren’t even anywhere near as bad. As mentioned above, it’s the manner in which organizations conflate these two that is causing the majority of problems.

Despite this, there are several individuals that have been fighting to dispel some of the more common myths surrounding cigar smoking. With the help of many fellow cigar aficionados, we can help protect this historically significant tradition.

Check out the full video linked above. Our cigar recommendation to enjoy while watching this video is the Partagas Lusitanias.

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